We Recycle

Computers, Printers, Phones, and Ink & Toner(FREE)

Office Equipment

Weed Eaters, Leaf Blowers, Drills, Saws, Shop
Vacuums, and Air Compressors(FREE)

Power Tools

Hairdryers, Curling Irons, and Electric

Beautification Tools

Space Heaters, Grills, Fans, Christmas lights(FREE)


Washers, Dryers, Dish Washers, Treadmills, and Trash Compactors(FREE)

Large Home Appliances

LCD & LED TV’s, Gaming Consoles, DVD, VCR, DVR
players, and Stereo Equipment(FREE)


Coffee pots, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners,
can openers, and Garage Door Openers(FREE)

Small Home Appliances

Smart Phones, Tablets, and Digital Cameras(FREE)

Mobile Devices

We recycle for a FEE

Fluorescent bulbs ($1-$3 EACH)

Unsorted batteries ($1 per lb $1 minimum)

Refrigerated Appliances: Deep Freezer, Fridge, dehumidifiers, water coolers, & window AC unit ($10 each)

CRT, Plasma, and Projection TV's (NOT ACCEPTED)

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