Electronics / Appliance Recycling

Going “Green” can be affordable and convenient

Why is it important to recycle my electronics?

Recycling is a way that our society reduces the strain on our environment’s natural resources. That’s why many recycling companies populate our nation, taking raw materials such as
copper, aluminum, brass, and iron. However, the electronic devices we use and discard every day are far from raw material and are
often difficult or even dangerous to disassemble into raw material.
Also, there are hazardous materials contained in these devices that could pose a threat to our environment if they are not properly recycled and instead discarded.

Why doesn’t everyone recycle then?

Unfortunately, recycling is too often inconvenient and costly. That’s
why we have developed unique services and affordable prices to
combat these issues.

Why recycle with Evage?

We are local people serving our local community, we take recycling
seriously, we protect your privacy and personal information, and
we love to hear your story because your story has become a part of

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