Chris and Keith Gray are brothers who were born and raised in Harrison, Arkansas. They grew up fishing, hunting, and spending a lot of time on the beautiful Buffalo River. Chris’s dream of running a successful business, and Keith’s knowledge of recycling led them to start working on a business plan. Between 2012-2014 the brothers spent countless hours researching the market, trying to find the best option for opening a recycling center. Electronic recycling was their answer. With the environment in mind research shows that the amount of household electronics is enormous and will only rise as we advance in technology. With a business plan in mind the brothers set out for financial aid to help start the recycling center. In 2014, Chris was researching grants that might be available when he came across E-Ship University. The city of Harrison started E-Ship University in 2014 as an aid for small business owners. With the community in mind the city gives the grant in the form of a prize. Chris went to the required classes for E-Ship U, while Keith started working through the fine details of the Business Plan. 4 months later the brothers were accepting the first E- Ship University grant. In March 2015, EVAGE LLP was opened. The brothers set out to build a network across Harrison. Offering pick-ups at no charge and easy access for customers to drop any recyclable goods helped gain valuable customers.
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With Harrison’s resident’s privacy in mind Evage LLP offers destruction of hard drives, and certificates of destruction available upon request. The business runs based on EPA standards, and the brothers are constantly working toward making the business more customer friendly. 2017 has been a big year for the brothers. They acquired the appropriate certificates to take refrigerants, which allows them to take a larger variety of appliances. A box  truck was purchased so more electronic waste can be collected. They can travel to areas around Harrison and provide recycling drives for convenience. EVAGE LLP is dedicated to Harrison’s community and to the environment. The landfills are in desperate need of relief. Help the brothers help provide some of the relief. Recycle with EVAGE LLP!


EPA ID: ARR000025940


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